Intelligent Life In Our Solar System

Intelligent Life in our Solar System

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Current Intelligent Life in our Solar System? Of course not! Any rational person knows that there is no possibility of intelligent life now. Maybe millions of years ago, there was some form of organic cellular life on Mars for example but definitely not now.

Yet still there are 'crackpots' telling us otherwise. Showing us pictures sent back from various spacecraft of artifacts and structures which LOOK like similar things from our Earth, things which should not be there. Things which cannot be there if we are to believe the data and the science.

Scientists at NASA tell us the data returned from all the missions to Mars and other areas of our Solar System do not support the idea of intelligent life currently on any of the planets nor does the data support any environment where intelligent life could survive or flourish in the current time period. It seems we will have to go around in space suits if we send men to Mars in the next few years.

So it appears that all these pictures which possibly show strange structures, such as the one at the head of this page from Pluto, are all a case of pareidolia - just our brains making connections, where in reality there are none. "Recognising" random shapes as things we know from our experience on Earth. Pareidolia Rules OK?

Pareidolia? One or two people seeing what they want to see? Perhaps, but mass pareidolia is not pareidolia any longer. Maybe this type of pareidolia is just a hollow explanation from scientists and their followers who do not want us to start questioning their authority...?

However, after all that, what if there was plant life on Mars instead of intelligent life? Small simple plants like moss or lichen or even fungi perhaps? Simple Plant Life Would that be more acceptable ?

Millions of spherical hematite concretions known as Blueberries'

All credits go to the space agency which supplied the original images(NASA,ESA,JAXA,etc).